15 William Street, Melbourne

  • Client: DEKA

  • Architect: Gray Puksand

  • NLA:40,700 sqm

  • bike

    280 Bicycle parks

  • locker

    430 Lockers

  • shower

    27 Showers


Key Outcomes

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  • Delivered additional 35 sqm of change area space by increased design efficiency within the bike parking area
  • Provided a solution in collaboration with Gray Puksand architects, an adaptable design that can accommodate future shifts in gender user demand with simple modification
  • Increased locker capacities and storage via alternate design specification
  • Revised location of service station amenities to increase functional flow & reduce pinch points
  • Provided a well connected EOT facility via an informative way-finding and graphics package
  • Daily towel and dry cleaning servicing to optimise the facilities ongoing operations.


“You can be justifiably proud (as I am, although I have as yet to be privileged to view the end product) of what has been achieved through your participation. My thanks and gratitude to each one of you for having shown ownership throughout this project. From all accounts to date, you have set the new benchmark in the marketplace, and possibly also for Australia- which again demonstrates Deka’s commitment to holding 15 William Street to a Grade A+ standard, with several Premium features as a bonus.

By and large the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive – “very impressive” was probably the most commonly used phrase, but a couple of more memorable ones were: “wow this is better than my gym” & “I’ve worked in lots of buildings but I’ve never seen anything like this before”. The volume and variety of bike racks, the size of the changing rooms and the number of lockers all drew positive comment, with towel service a particular highlight for many”.

Dino Mancini, Executive Director CBRE

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