525 Market Street, San Francisco

  • Client: Cushman & Wakefield

  • NLA:1,058,200 sqft

  • bike



Key Outcomes

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  • Identified optimal location, maximizing capacity without the loss of revenue generating car parking spaces
  • Designed and constructed secure and aesthetically appealing bike cage using a combination of sustainable hardwood timber and chain link fencing to achieve design and budgetary goals
  • Best practice mix of vertical, horizontal and two tier parking to accommodate modern day variance in bike designs and user preferences
  • Future proofed design allows for an easy and low-cost capacity increase of 40% if required in future
  • Set a new benchmark for the City of San Francisco with state of the art bike parking systems
  • Inclusion of a DIY bicycle repair station and pump.


“As a building of 3,500 people in San Francisco, our bicycle storage space and options were very limited. PFL Spaces optimized our 16 bicycle storage space and designed a unit that increased our capacity to 80 bicycles that included a maintenance station. Tenants have been excited and blown away by our new bike friendly facility and ridership has increased to almost capacity. The storage unit designed and installed for us includes state-of-the-art space saving equipment that caters to differing kinds of rider mobility. Bicycle parking has been a breeze with 3 varying parking options from a simple slide and lock to spaces that allow for bicycles to double-stack. This modern and attractive design has been an excellent addition to our building and has provided a wonderful added amenity to our tenants.”

Marsha Ramsey, 525 Market St General¬†Manager –¬†Cushman & Wakefield

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