The times they are a changing!

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With the rapid growth in cycling over the past few years, we have been expanding around the world. We strive to bring the best thinking, products and services to as many riders as possible. Upon reflection of this growth we’ve decided to put more thought into what we want to become. We have decided to take a new name and identity to better reflects who we are and the type of world we want to create. This is not a simple face lift, we intend on rebuilding the the company from the ground up & boy are we excited!

Across the globe we have started working with government departments, bike advocates, and the cycling community to implement our larger vision for the future. You’ll be hearing much more of this soon and if anything peaks your interest reach out and we will get you involved. Here are a couple of projects we are launching-

Lobbying for a better bikeway on King Street, Sydney

Buildings in Sydney have been spending up big on bike parking and change rooms in the last few years, and we are calling on the state government to match the investment in infrastructure. The first project we are trying to bring to pass is extending the King St cycleway to bring safety and convenience to more Sydneysiders. We’d love to hear what you think.

King St Corridor, Sydney

Establishing manufacturing facility in East Timor

We think it’s important to build supply that creates good for society. Recently we established a pilot factory in East Timor that we believe will produce their first manufactured export. Ranked at 147 out of 187 countries on the UN’s Human Development index, East Timor is one of the poorest countries in the world. Through this investment, we are creating employment, training, international exposure and travel opportunities for the Timorese people. If you think of anyone who is might be interested in making a similar investment in East Timor, let us know, we would love to help!

Dili Warehouse, Timor-Leste

Free Road Side Assistance for cyclists

Working with our friends at RACV, we are launching free bicycle road side assistance for everyone riding to the buildings we service in Australia. This will mean if you get a flat tyre on the road, we will come fix it, and if your bike breaks down, we will send a taxi to grab you and your bike. This initiative will start in our Melbourne buildings, then be rolled out across Australia shortly after.

These are just a few things we are working on, so stay turned.

Regarding the new name, in late November we are planning simultaneous launch events in Sydney, London and Portland to unveil our new brand, and your name is on the door.

Let’s roll!


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